Places to Elope in Northern Ireland / Northern Ireland Wedding Photographers

When I first arrived in Northern Ireland in 2014 to study Politics & Journalism I signed up for a Photo Society at Queens University. I had a big passion for photography and wanted to learn and improve my style. For the next couple of months, I travelled the coast of Northern Ireland nearly every weekend with friends I met at the society. Then with friends who visited me here. Then with my boyfriend Neil, whom I also met at the photo society. Little did I know, four years later my love for Northern Ireland will continue to grow and my love for photography.. well, it will reach the next level. It will become my lifestyle, my daily bread, my ups and downs (mostly ups tho!) and I'll be able to share with you my puppy love photos and videos of Northern Ireland I took nearly 4 years ago. 

If you're planning an engagement shoot or an elopement in Northern Ireland - or simply want to walk down memory lane with me, here are some of my absolute favourite locations. 

Kinbane Head

The most wonderful little secret we discovered while exploring the coast. Dramatic castle ruins on a rocky headland and absolutely breathtaking views from the top. It's a little scary walk to reach it - on a stormy day the wind might blow you into the Celtic Sea! Very little known and very private place, ideal for a small wedding, vow renewal, engagement photos. 

Dunluce Castle

Best known among couples & travellers. It's stunning location and well preserved medieval ruins, featured in the Game of Thrones, make the most memorable backdrop for wedding photos. I photographed an engagement there last year and I'm looking forward to going back this year for more photos. My style has improved ever since and I'm definitely more aware and conscious of what I want to give away to my clients. Lots of jaw-dropping wedding photos for sure! :)

Tollymore Forest

I should probably warn you - it's another of my favourite locations here! Tollymore Forest Park is a massive National Park at the foot of Mourne Mountains. I have visited it more than I could count - it's ultimately the most magical forest I have ever seen and no wonder it was an inspiration for the famous C.S.Levis series of books! Fab location for wedding photos and worth the drive to Newcastle - you can have photos at the beach, on the mountaintop or in the forest in one trip!

Ballintoy, Torr Head & Coastline

Any self-respecting Game of Thrones fan will know Pyke and Iron Islands. The little harbour in Ballintoy was yet another filming location and no wonder - rugged coastline delivers stunning backdrop, sunsets and medieval scenery. Lots of little corners for your wedding or engagement photos. All the coastal locations are quite close to each other - Dunluce, Dark Hedges, Ballintoy and many more - all featured in the tv show. Another of my personal favourites is the coastal way to Torr Head. Not the head itself, but the way up, the journey is what makes this place special. Worth parking your car next to the little church and turning around for the most idyllic Irish countryside picture ever.