Tasha & Kurtis / Intimate Eco Irish Wedding at Slieve Aughty, Galway

The wedding has been now published at Love My Dress. 

There have been a few funny stories between the Weir family and me, but possibly the funniest one dates back to 2016, of how we met. I have never photographed a wedding at that stage, but I had 2 booked for late summer and autumn and I knew I want to pursue it. Tasha dropped me an email because she was pregnant and she liked the look of my baby photography. I wasn't overly professional at that stage, so I read her email exactly a month after she sent it. Boy, was I mad at myself. But if you ever talked to Tasha you know, that these small things are not a problem for her. She is a pure walking kindness. 

A couple of months later I was at their house photographing Rory. It's that famous photo of mine where he lies down in a Christmas wreath. I still giggle when I see it popping on my facebook. It was a hit.

Then there was their engagement shoot, where we trespassed some random fields just so we can have Dunluce Castle engagement photos. You should see the disapproving face, my boyfriend, Neil had. He had been assisting me during Rory's photos (petting the cat), engagement photos ('We shouldn't go there'), driving me down to Slieve Aughty, hanging around and taking some polaroids for Tasha's & Kurtis anniversary box. 

In other words, he was an immerse help and I enjoyed mildly annoying him and keeping us all well entertained during all the shoots.

Natasha & Kurtis got married on the 30th of August in Slieve Aughty Centre in Galway, Ireland. They had an intimate, humanist, outdoor ceremony with only 25 guests. The ceremony was non-religious, without a script & tailored to meet their needs. It included oak tree planting, poem & vows reading and a ‘ring warming’ tradition, where the rings were passed around the guests and each was asked to warm them with their hands. Tasha & Kurtis are both vegans & environmentalists, therefore the food during the day was organic & vegan.

It has always been difficult for me to answer which wedding I photographed was my favourite. Because every wedding is so special in its own way - my first one, my second one, the one at this venue, the one with that couple, there is no clear answer. But if I had to choose which wedding I'd want for myself, it would be no doubt this one.

eco organic rustic vegan wedding in Ireland.jpg