Vintage Inspired, Romantic Lissanoure Castle Wedding // Northern Ireland Wedding Photographer

This super romantic Lissanoure Castle wedding has finally hit the blog! Although I’ve been teasing about it on my Instagram, you just have to see the full gallery - it's a mix of documentary wedding photography, romantic, airy images, candid family shots and beautiful wedding portraits at a stunning Irish Castle. It's a great combination of traditional Irish wedding and a modern approach to it - an old venue but a super relaxed couple up for anything. The kind of weddings I love to photograph!

Our morning prep began at a small Irish cottage a few miles from the castle, where Bethany's family had breakfast and prepared outfits & flowers for the ceremony later. The groom, Stephen, popped in to pick up his buttonholes and some final pieces for the ceremony. Bethany's mum arranged the wedding flowers herself & the bride made invitations and order of the ceremony. A beautiful, personal touch to the whole wedding decor.

After makeup and hair, we left for the second stage of the prep at Lissanoure Castle. We were placed at one of the bridal suites (the red one) and after some final touches, it was time to put the dress on, kiss goodbye and leave for the ceremony.

The ceremony was probably the most moving part of this wedding - I was barely holding back my tears and I can still remember the songs we sang and the vows Bethany and Stephen exchanged. It was a beautiful moment.

The reception began and following the usual plan I left my newlyweds alone for 10 minutes so they can greet their guests and say hello. Not entirely alone of course, as I was in the back photographing smiles and kisses. Later we left to take some family photos at the courtyard, photos of the bridal party and bridal photos. On the day I usually follow the lead of the couple and play it by ear - we can't always predict the weather & other elements, so I photograph them as long as they are happy to be photographed, for about 15-30 min.

The reception is another favourite moment of mine - I just adore photographing candid wedding moments, people smiling and acting natural, not knowing there's a camera that catches their smiles. During that time I'd also photograph dinner set up and cake.

The speeches are another great moment to capture natural reactions from guests. I loved how funny and sweet they were and how emotional it made everyone feel. It's not an easy task to write a meaningful speech, but once it's delivered I can assure you it all pays off! During the speeches, I stepped back not to block anyone view, but thanks to my 85mm lens I was able to capture close-ups and all the details from the distance.

Bethany & Stephen's wedding at Lissanoure Castle was one of my favourite weddings in 2018 - it was just a pure romantic, colourful Irish wedding of two madly in love people. I appreciate the opportunity and the trust they placed in me and I absolutely loved every second of it. Thank you!