Wedding in Malta - A romantic walk in the Game Of Thrones locations in Malta

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You’re planning on getting married in Malta, but where do you begin with arranging the vendors, venues or photographer? Should you be looking for a wedding planner in Malta? The answer is quite simple really, as it all depends on your budget and the level of organisation. I have photographed countless weddings both in Ireland as well as in France, Spain and other destinations and I can confirm with all my heart that your day will be easier, smoother and way better organised with a planner. However, that’s just a photographers perspective and I certainly don’t know how committed and organised you are willing to be to plan your wedding in Malta. In other words - it should not be more difficult than planning a wedding at home, as the principals are the same and the majority of the country speaks good English.

Here are a few hot tips when looking for vendors and planning your dream wedding in Malta: Look for local vendors that you like, for example, on Instagram or Google - this would be your venue, band, catering company, a place for pre-wedding drinks and any styling items, including flowers. Get yourself and your fiance a ticket and book a few venue viewings for the time of your visit. Make it a fun holiday. Go and see the stunning Villa Bologna, Waterfall Gardens, Ir-Razzett L-Abjad, check out Golden Bay for amazing sunset photos and stunning, limestone heritage of the Silent City of Mdina with its breathtaking Church of St Paul.

Then you look for vendors that you like, that don’t have to be local - a photographer, makeup artist, dress boutique, stationery etc. After travelling to photograph in Malta this year I made a few connections here and there and can certainly help you craft your day. With flights to Malta being so affordable all year round finding a vendor who is willing to fly and make your wedding special will give you a lot of freedom. Freedom of choosing not to have an old fashioned venue photographer awkwardly posing you, freedom of having a makeup artist who will come to your prep location instead of rushing you around her parlour.

Arrange your timeline for ceremony around 4/5pm in the summer. It will be cooler, the light will quickly become stunning and you can go straight into party mode. It will be beautiful! As always tho, there are a few images from our recent shoot in Malta with Tiziana and Isaac to prove my point. Scroll down for dreamy Golden Bay wedding photos & some more in the heart of King’s Landing!

If you happen to change your mind and have your wedding crafted by a professional, check out my friend Tara. I interviewed her months ago about her work as a wedding planner in Malta and I strongly recommend you get in touch with her - she knows her stuff! :)