Eclectic Tuscan Bridal Shoot

There is something about the Italian light & air that makes you stop and forget about the rest of the world. It makes you drink wine for lunch with your plate of prosciutto, cheese and olives, it warms your heart and indulges all your senses. You may think, there is no time for playfulness - especially when it rains outside, the temperature is hardly above zero, but if you hop on a plane in 3 hours you should be over this nonsense. Italian people know better. Know how to cook, how to love, how to enjoy their lives and create a painting in the middle of the olive garden.

My first thought when I saw this table was "this is just like a painting". I'm a wedding photographer, not a painter, so I don't exactly know what kind of a painting. Definitely the one that's supposed to impress you - the second you stand next to it you can smell the strawberries and fresh spring flowers. It is so vivid and full of the most eclectic object you wouldn't even think of styling together. The table might not be everyone's cup of tea - in fact, I like mine with lemon and sugar, so who am I to judge anybody's taste. But surprisingly, sometimes you don't know it is your taste until you see it. Safe to say the thought has been put into it and the effect of a rich, intense and extravagant palette has been achieved. 

The couple, Kinga & Radu were the most perfect mach and the shoot was constructed to showcase their "Italian escape". Dreamy Tuscan villa served as a backdrop for the first part of our shoot and the authentic, Italian olive garden as a second. When planning an elopement or wedding in Italy, Tuscany seems like a perfect choice. Stunning landscape with rolling hills, cypress trees and olive grooves, forever sunny weather & elegant villas invite you to relax and enjoy your beautiful day. 

To be able to photograph a wedding in Tuscany was a dream of mine and I'm so happy I was finally able to travel to Florence and experience my story of joyfulness and awe. My first ever Tuscan experience couldn't be more eccentric - or perhaps I should say it couldn't be more Italian!

After all, it is the Italian light & air that makes me want to go back and photograph an Italian wedding again.

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