Hannah-Ruth & Colin/ Cafe Parisien Belfast Engagement Shoot

Hannah-Ruth & Colin approached me nearly a year ago when they were looking for a wedding photographer and it was an instant love. I remember leaving the meeting thinking "well it must have been a good one since we ended up looking at photos of my bunny!" Truth being said, they are a sweet couple and very eco-conscious one, too. The engagement shoot was supposed to happen over the autumn time in their favourite spot - Gortin Glen Forest Park, but we couldn't schedule a day. Towards Christmas, when we could finally meet Northern Ireland got completely covered with snow! Literally everywhere around you could hear stories of people being stuck in the snow or stuck on the hill (hello me and Neil!), weather warnings, blizzards outside... The struggle was real, especially that Hannah had her wedding makeup trial scheduled for that day, they had to travel quite a distance and it was so difficult for them to get a day off together. 

I had a very, very difficult decision to make - should we stay or should we go? We ended up doing both! We stayed in Belfast for the engagement shoot, sipping hot chocolate and enjoying the moment. But! We agreed to go to Glen's over the spring time, as this place means so much to them.