Wars on Unplugged Weddings

Here's the thing - we've all seen those articles with tips and tricks on how to tell your guests to put their phones away. Literally, it is a hot trend for the last few years now! Everyone seems to be talking only about how good your wedding will suddenly be if you put up a sign instructing your guests, that they aren't allowed to take any photos. You know what they say, the guests are supposed to be present in the moment and step out of the official photographer's way.

How wonderful they will feel if they don't take any photos, and how they will all look at the official wedding photos saying "Awe bless! I'm so glad I didn't take any photos of their special day!". 

Why does every blog or magazine demonise guests taking snaps with their phones?

No one, who considers themselves as a professional photographer would ever ask the Bride and Groom to tell their guests not to take any personal photographs.

We, photographers, can only wish for that, but first of all, it's their wedding! They have personally invited friends and family to their special day. Of course, I would love fewer people running up and down the aisle with their cameras, but it's not my decision to make and I can work around it.

I really do like candid moments when guests are busy taking photos and creating their own memories for themselves! Of course, my photo isn't more important than grandma's photo and of course, my documentary style is supposed to tell a story of their special day - and exactly how their day evolved. 

Do I get upset when the Bride uses her uncle's photo instead of mine as a Facebook profile pic? Not at all! Imagine if your photographer's photos didn't come out or his house was robbed and you wouldn't have any photos of your day at all (that has actually happened to someone) or maybe that photo your cousin took before the "Unplugged Police" came to confiscate his phone. Only common sense can save the day. 

And here's another real story - I once fell in the middle of a pew and hurt myself, because the guests were running up and down the aisle taking photos, and didn't see me. And guess what? I didn't cry and certainly didn't start a fuss! 

Whatever you're going to do - plugged, unplugged, wedding hashtag - it is your day and your family and friends are the most important part of it. Set the rules. Or maybe do half plugged, half unplugged. It will not affect my work as your professional photographer. And no, your uncle Bob with his iPad isn't tacky.  

I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts and I'm back next week with another post! ;)


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