Vintage and Handmade Wedding Fair

Weddings shows & Me

After visiting two wedding shows last year (Merchant & Waterfront) I had a good idea of what hell is made off. Both big, busy & loud gave me a slight anxiety rather than some inspiration. I believe it was a great opportunity for the exhibitors to network and show off their work, but as a casual visitor, I wanted to clear off asap. I knew that at some stage I will have to at least try putting my stand together, pick up a casual, small wedding fair and try it out, just for the sake of trying. 

I found out about Vintage and Handmade Wedding Fair and I thought I'll give it a go. Not too dear for a stand, great venue (Belfast Cathedral) and I kinda like vintage things. With all that I booked a stand last minute, ordered some sample albums and prints and hoped for the best. 

I have to say, for the first wedding fair it was a bit too long for my taste (12-5) but overall it was a good day. Not too busy, a bit cold (but we were warned it will be), met some genuinely interested couples. I had help from my boyfriend's mum with the setup, then a stroll around all the stands where I ate few delicious cakes and marshmallows and got a general idea of what it looks like. Few phone photos below - my camera batteries were left home charging, as I had a big formal at 7 pm and had to be ready.

Overall, I don't think I'll be joining any fairs in the near future. It's not because I didn't like this one (I did), but because I ended up overdoing especially this last week with all the work, bookings, sessions, formals & dissertation on my shoulders. I was really exhausted yesterday before I went to bed, as a lot of pieces in my stand was put together last minute and got me a bit stressed out.

That did not stop me from smiling all day.