Styled Black&White Bridal Shoot

Having a free afternoon I came up with an idea for a bridal shoot. Needed to say - I like taking photos every day, no matter what it is. Sometimes it's a nice couple, sometimes antique furniture or sometimes, just myself. It's always a great opportunity to test new edits, ideas or practice current ones. 

First of all, with a sudden idea, I won't be able to find a model for so soon. I have no whats so ever experience with the tripod or modelling but decided to just go for it, for the sake of the case. I needed few posing ideas, after all, my clients aren't models - it's totally natural to be camera shy! They are quite often genuinely interested what to do, to look their best on the photos. Sometimes everyone needs tips and tricks on how to stand and where to look! That makes everything faster, especially on the wedding day! :)

Second, location. Above my small photography studio used to be this massive gallery (or rather artwork space) and you can still see the paint on the floor. The walls are stripped down, the place is totally empty, as it is for rent now. I could see this whole "bridal shoot" happening there, because let's admit it, I'm just properly crazy. Got a permission to use it the other day, so decided to go for it. 

Finally, I needed the dress. I have 2 white wedding dresses waiting at home for my editorial work in March, so I couldn't use them for this one. I wanted to achieve this light and airy look, simple and clean. Looked in local charity shops, but no results. No dress, but what about those £6 Primark curtains I recently got? 

Necessity is the mother of invention.