Summer engagement in Lublin's Old Town, Poland / Destination Wedding Photographer in Poland

I always feel so incredibly privileged when friends from all over the world ask me to capture their happy, tearful moments. This engagement shoot was spontaneously arranged for the early morning in Lublin's Old Town during my recent travel to Poland. Engagement shoots are definitely my favorite part of every spring and autumn, as it brings me closer to the couples and gives them a good chance to practice having a camera around. 

Lublin got it's town rights in 1317, so it's a fairly old city with a massive, recently restored castle. The area was severely destructed during World War II, but its picturesque and historic Old Town has been preserved and now serves as a beautiful, cultural capital of the East. We walked around the streets before the first cafes & restaurants opened and before the Sunday church rush hit the old cathedrals around the town. There isn't a better time to take romantic, engagement photos around the beautiful, charming old cities than early morning hours. 

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