Boho Engagement Shoot in Islandmagee / Northern Ireland Wedding Photographers

Islandmagee is quickly becoming my solid winner for all engagement shoots this year (click here to see another amazing sunset shoot there!). It is such a versatile place for a romantic photoshoot on the Irish coast - there's beach, long grass, water, rocks & endless little corners to explore. Today's gallery is a quick little snippet into another engagement shoot with Katja & Rian, a couple well known to all of you from the previous shoot we had in February. There's a good reason they are back on the blog, as their incredible ability to show emotions and connection on the camera makes them naturally stand out as a couple. This time they were surrounded by a group of photographers as a part of the styled shoot I organized at the beginning of August. 

It isn't easy to be photographed by one person, as the camera can often be intimidating, not to mention 7 photographers chasing after you. I am forever amazed how well Katja & Rian cope with whatever situation I put them into as a part of my creative outlet.

A bit thank you to everyone who participated in this little experiment shoot, Christin, Sam, Sarah, Kirsty, Caragh, Katia & Rian. This was definitely an engagement shoot out of my comfort zone, style-wise and in terms of organizing and managing the group. I know now that the support of the photographer's community in Northern Ireland is insane and I'm looking forward to organizing my next shoot in September. I only hope I will laugh a little less next time because during this one Christin & Sarah put me into a fit of giggles and I couldn't really take any photos. 

If you'd like to secure a spot on my next styled shoot of if you're a couple who would like to model, please email me at