LIFE UPDATE Travel plans, taking an assistant, features and all that jazz! / Belfast wedding photographer

After an extremely slow January, which had like 74 days, another lazy week featuring me up at 11 am I'm back on Friday trying to catch up all the work. We all know that eating pasta and bread for a week and then expecting to have energy and good mood to get stuff done actually NEVER works, so who am I fooling! 

However, I have managed to bring you a new update on plans, travel ahead, current work and life changes (I'm surprised myself!)

1. The best news of this week is that I have scored a business grant, which will fund my photography workshop in Italy this March. The grant will pay for the workshop only, so transport and accommodation are in my own interest, but still, I'm super chuffed, as they are paying for some additional ads & small gear too!

2. At the end of February, I'm bringing an actual PLACEMENT STUDENT to help me work on Hello, Sugar. Anna will be creating content for the blog & doing a few other small tasks. Super happy! 

3. FEATURES. Since the New Year, I've had 3 out of 5 publications planned for me this winter/spring season. They are all featured at B.Loved blog & I highly recommend checking them out. Two more coming soon at The Promise and Love My Dress!

Marocco Elopement here - 
Marrakesh Interior Design Feature - 
Mallorca Travel Feature - 

4. I'm off to London on the 15-18 Feb to shoot, catch up with friends & eat more pasta.

5. My next wedding is March 8th and I'll be working with my new second shooter, Sheena.

6. Apart from London & Florence my travel plans include *drumroll* NYC!!! I'm going around the autumn time with my friend and I couldn't be more excited - it's our first time in US! 

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Paula Puchacz