Falling into the "cheap ticket trap" again - 17 freaking hours to get from Belfast to Mallorca in August/ Belfast Wedding Photographer

Belfast is not a place to be

As a photographer based in Belfast, my options for travel are slightly limited. If I lived in London, I could just find a cheap flight anytime, but in Belfast, you have to get a bit cheeky. Anyone who knows me well enough knows, I'm going daft for a cheap ticket. See, I like going places and I like taking photos. Like last year I bought two return tickets to Tenerife for £30 total, not even asking my boyfriend if he wants to go. I love to get some destination parties going, so when I see a return ticket for both of us for £60 to Mallorca, I really go for it. Even if the flight is from Glasgow. 

mapa2 .jpg

Neil wanted to go to Dusseldorf, but I had a better idea

Taking the bus before 10 am to Dublin, we had a flight to Scotland at lunchtime, then 2 trains around tea time to get to the right airport, ended up in Palma de Mallorca at midnight and had our bus to Alcudia (that's exactly the other side of the island!) at around 2 am. Gladly my friend works there for one of the big hotels, so she could fetch us shortly after 3 am and take to her apartment. Logistics on point! What did we do with all that free time? Few episodes of GoT helped. Next time when going to Mallorca we might take a direct flight tho! :)

And now - who'd like to get married in Mallorca next year? I know my way around! <3