Saal Digital Album Review

At the beginning of this year, I was trying to figure out how to price my 2017/2018 wedding photography package and what to include in the service. Maybe it's in the air, or maybe its just the way I'm so sentimental and keen on albums, but after a few meetings and couples asking for it, I decided to have an album as a part of my offer. So there I was, on a serious hunt for some new, quality albums I could offer as a part of my package. While I understand, that high-end albums cost £250+ and not everyone can afford them I needed to be able to offer something a bit cheaper and withing similar quality. 

I received a discount code to get a sample album from Saal Digital - they are a photo lab based in Germany who produce all their products in-house. After reading few positive reviews I ordered a small linen cover, matte finish album. I was impressed with the quality, so I ordered another the big one afterwards!

Design and Ordering

I used Saal's software to design both albums. It's easy and quite straightforward. You are able to pick your size, the cover, the finish, the padding or add the pages. They offer few sizes and shapes of albums, I decided that a square one will work best as a sample. The first album arrived within one weekend. It was super quick considering the print, the cover and the journey from Germany. It took more than a week for the second one, but I blame that pretty, white leather cover - they put a note on all their leather products with delivery details, so I expected it will take a bit longer. Both arrived securely packed. 


The first album I ordered (19cmx19cm) was too small for what I had in mind as the main album. It would be really helpful if Saal could include some real life photos of few albums on top of each other to compare the size. Nonetheless, the small album is very cute and handy especially as a present for parents. The pages are consistent, the colours and the matte finish is good. Especially the 'lay flat' feature they offer is a great idea, which you'd expect only in high-end products.

The second album (sizewise) looks like something I'd imagine as a wedding album. Padded white leather cover has a delicate feel, which I personally like. There is a great choice of colours on linen or leather, so there is no problem with changing it if white doesn't suit. Sizewise my couples can choose between 19x19 cm small, 28x28 cm big - the main one, or A4. The big album can hold even 60 photos on 30-32 pages. The Smaller one would be max. 50 photos on 30 pages. All albums come with a choice of padded leather/ linen cover. 

At this price point, Saal's albums are an excellent value for money - I don't have to charge extra £££ for the album as I'm able to include it. I had the opportunity to test both of them at the Wedding Fair in Belfast Cathedral and I got a positive feedback - it was great to have a physical product ready to touch! I now take samples with me to the meetings with clients, so they can see what exactly they will be getting.