What do I wear for the engagement photos?

Hi, Lovelies!

A very important post today explaining a bit about the colours and outfit choices for our sessions. As May is always THE month for most of my engagement and family photos, it would be beneficial for everyone to get some ideas. I'm always open for suggestions and your unique point of view, as I believe the session should resemblance you and your personality, so treat this a bit like a general guidance. Also, remember that your pet is always welcome to join us for some photos! ;) 

  • Stick to a neutral colour. Always go for natural & neutral colours within the season - warm colours for autumn, cool colours for the summer photos at the beach. Make sure you and your fiance look both either cool or warm. 
  • Choose clothes that you are comfortable in & that represent you. You can go a bit more quirky for the photos around the city (like heels or pattern shirt), but avoid wearing too much jewellery or harsh makeup. 
  • Generally no patterns. If you really want to wear a pattern, make sure the other members of your family stick to neutrals. As I said, it all depends on the location. 
  • Avoid lettering, large single graphics, logos. Those are distracting and we want all the focus on you and your family.
  • I encourage you to dress up a bit - but remember the location of your photos. A long, pastel dress for you and a shirt for your significant other will always work for the beach photos. 
  • I'm a huge fan of light & bright colours, especially white. White will solve any of your outfit dilemmas. On the flip side - avoid black if you can.

My last advice would be to look closely at your wardrobe and don't buy new stuff (in case you really want to). I honestly don't want you to think like you have to stress, spend £££ and buy a new set of outfits. If you are going to treat yourself and get something especially for the shoot -  you can always message me and ask if that's a good idea. 

I hope this was helpful & feel free to have a look at some Pinterest ideas below. 


An example of consistent use of cool, pastel colour scheme.

An example of consistent use of cool, pastel colour scheme.