Sinéad & Darren, Pre Wedding Shoot at the Oxford Island / Belfast Wedding Photographer

My MA & life

2 absolutely bizarre months passed since my last blog post. I was in Poland for my MA graduation and friend's wedding. Then away to Morocco for a workshop and when I got back I had to catch up with clients, book new weddings, edit, edit, edit... November came & filled my days with endless album design, orders, gift box design, prints, edits & edits, so everyone can get their parcel/ photos before Christmas. I'd very much like to say I'm officially free of editing & just patiently waiting for the deliveries while baking Christmas tree shaped shortbread, but obviously not! Roxy's wedding needs to be edited, Morocco & Poland finished and I still have one engagement to do over the weekend! With that being said I AM NOT complaining because as my friends like to say, I'm not really working, I'm having fun :D

Oxford Island Pre Wedding Photoshoot

While my homeland is covered with snow, here in Northern Ireland we can still very much enjoy some autumn. And our days can get miserably grey but can get super sunny too. Unfortunately, the day we scheduled for Sinêad, Darren & Hunter at the Oxford Island, was one of those moody & grey days, as a light & airy wedding photographer I'm hoping to avoid. BUT I'm absolutely the luckiest to have such smiley couples & delighted they want to make it all work. Couldn't be more excited about their wedding in March at Ballyliffin, Malin Head.
Hit the play button for some moody tunes of my autumn playlist & take a look at the photos yourself.