List of photos to take at your wedding (and that works for every wedding!)

How I work

While my style is totally natural, relaxed and I mostly capture candid moments, I also ask all my couples if they have any specific photo requests. Sometimes they come back saying they only want photos of their grandparents, other times I get a proper list of formal wedding photos. While I'm not a promoter or a fan of those, I'd always work to achieve high standards and make you happy. I can't guarantee a specific photo on the day - just like no one can guarantee that children will behave or your groom will be crying when you're walking down the aisle or your best friend will catch the bouquet. You see what I mean. There are photos that are my must-have shots and I will take them no matter what, because that's how the day unfolds and that's what I focus on.

Today I created a basic wedding photography timeline (I call it wedding day photo itinerary!) that I like to stick to when possible. Of course, a million things can happen during the day (like rain, a late arrival or a nervous bridesmaid etc.) so I always stay calm and I'm prepared to change the plans. 

Wedding photography shot list

Download your list HERE. It is printable, universal & gives you peace of mind. You can tweak it and give it to your photographer or if you're booked with me ( yaaay!) you can be sure I get those on every wedding. Don't forget to mention any extra shots that you would like taken - for example "photo with Auntie Ann" etc. 

But most of all...

TRUST your photographer and RELAX! Everything will be just fine :)


wedding photography list.jpg